Thigh High Compression Stockings Cvs

Thigh High Compression Stockings Cvs

Thigh High Compression Stockings Cvs

About 40 percent of the U.S. population may be exposed to chronic venous insufficiency, a condition that can lead to more serious problems, including varicose veins if you have Chronic Venous Insufficiency, you usually experience a heavy foot and ankle the swelling at the end of the day you may also experience pain or cramping the night at your feet
Thigh High Compression Stockings Cvs
This symptom occurs when the valves in Your veins become damaged, and it becomes difficult for the blood to raise the foot towards the hear you. t Blood against gravity then began to coalesce around the ankles and in Your calves. As time went on, the valve does not function can lead to varicose veins, such as twisted-like bluish or purple color, look under your skin.
thigh high compression stockings cvs
If the condition of the veins and related symptoms affect you, compression stockings may be helpful.

How compression stockings work if you have to use compression stockings

Compression stockings (or Socks) is a unique sort of elastic sock which supports healthy blood flow and assists save you a ramification of fitness conditions, such as:

  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency
  • spider veins
  • varicose veins

The given pressure stockings to the ankle and foot you hit the artery and vein, venous valves assist surface to function properly and the blood flowing back to your heart without barrier

The usefulness of the use of stockings

It is very important to wear compression stockings in the morning, before lowering the legs and out of bed.

Sleep in a horizontal position makes Your vein valve function more effectively than when sitting or standing. In the vertical position, gravity kicked in and the blood flow is impaired because of a faulty valve. That is why the ankles and calves you usually feel good in the morning, and became bloated and unwieldy as time passes.

Put compression stockings in the morning will keep the valve in the right position to support healthy blood circulation in your legs during the day.

If you have developed a condition related blood vessels, compression stockings can help relieve symptoms such as:

  • foot swelling
  • heavy legs or pain
  • fatigue and pain
  • restless legs
  • night cramps.HS

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