10 tips for proactive online reputation management – Preparation for Pubcon South

Next week I'll be doing a "Spotlight Session" at Pubcon South in my home town of Dallas, Texas. This means, that if you don't have the privilege of hearing me speak for 45 minutes straight on normal days (like my wife or my employees), you can do that.  And it's included in the price of your admission to the show... But as I'm making out my pr … View More »

Being Certifiable – Verified SEO, SEMPO and Realtors…What???

Over the last few hours, I've become aware of the Verified SEO. In the past, I've written about SEO Certification in the past, albeit not very well. So, let's try this again. For more than two years I've been privately (well, at least not very loudly) advocating for a standards designation for search engine marketers. I don't want regulations. I … View More »

Too fat to fly – Kevin Smith Vs. Southwestair – Solutions Inside…

I've been following the online "blogfight" of director Kevin Smith and my friends at Southwest Airlines with more than a little interest. It's a sad situation for me. You see, I'm a big fan of both Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines. I love Kevin's movies, and without Southwest carting me to Lubbock for two years every weekend, I probably wouldn't … View More »

Have you missed me?

Life gets in the way, isn't that what they say? WrightIMC recently moved to our new, improved digs in Plano - much more room for the team. We're hiring, so hit me up if you have what it takes. We're looking for reputation management specialists, SEOs, Copywriters (mostly freelance on that one), PPC specialists, you name it. We're growing really … View More »

And now, for something completely different, yet the same.

I've been a very bad blogger. I haven't updated this space in months. I still keep it on my business cards, and in theory, I would like to be updating every day. I won't commit to that going forward like I have so many times in the past, but I am going to start updating this blog again. I have too much to say about what is going on in the … View More »

Happy Holidays – Have a great one!

This will most likely be my last post of the year. It's been a good year with lots of ups and downs, but more ups than downs. I am truly looking forward to 2009. But as a parting holiday gift, I'd like to leave you with this YouTube gem that is sure to melt your heart and make you laugh. Well, at least it did that for me. Have a great Christmas and … View More »

The death of the ranking report

Many people have predicted the death of the ranking report. I have maintained the the ranking report is still an essential communication tool, even if in real life it doesn't reflect reality. If this takes off, my opinion will have officially changed. … View More »

Gurus Gone Bad

Having been in interactive marketing for more than a decade, I think I've seen just about every promotion there is. I'm a very skeptical buyer of interactive marketing products. Usually, I have to use a tool for a while before I decide if it will be efficient and effective for me. I learned a long time ago that neat-o factors wear off on all … View More »

It’s been a long time…

Ok, it's been a while since I posted on this Blog, but I'm back. Welcome to those who have stuck around. I have one heckuva task ahead of me getting those who used to subscribe back in the fold. I guess I've burned everyone too many times...which is a shame because those that know me know that I don't ever lack for something to say. But - what … View More »

Why you should vote for me for the Social Media Club Board of Directors

Recently, I've put my hat in the ring as a candiate for the final spot on the Social Media Club's board of directors. So, why should you vote for me? I'm not always the greatest at promoting myself (that's why I promote other people) but I'll give it a shot... As far a qualificiation, I think if you look at my bio, you'll see I'm qualified - … View More »