How to Buy a Unique Wooden Carts?

Besides Padang rendang and state, Indonesia is also famous for Soto. Soto is quite unique since almost all regions have their own soto. Call it soto Madura, Soto Kudus, Soto Lamongan, Soto Tegal. Soto is very famous and is sold in many streets. Soto is an integrated food of meat, vegetables and water that has been seasoned with spices.

How to Buy a Unique Wooden Carts

Soto wagon is the information currently sought by most soto traders in Indonesia. Many soto businessmen commanding soto wagon design to support their sotonya business. Car manufacturers provide a unique and inexpensive automotive manufacturing service. Compete to provide the best service.

As we are car manufacturers in Indonesia that produce soto wagons according to the demand and needs of the soto trader. As an automotive manufacturer and distributor, we manufacture soto wagons as a superior product. Therefore, we did a special review on the sale of this soto cart.

We chose big cities like Jakarta, Jogja, Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, Surabaya, Malang as our target city. We are aware that these cities are cities with prospects for Soto traders. Hello, late, late, until the night is never empty of food called soto. Therefore, we must draw on this keyword.

We will explain a little bit about soto cart products. Obviously, we produce this soto wagon with wood as the basic material. We are manufacturers of wooden cart. The wood used can be mahogany, acacia wood and teak wood. It depends on consumer demand. The wood we choose is solid wood or old wood that can be sold. In addition to durable, the price we offer is quite cheap compared to other manufacturers.

There are two types of soto cart that we produce.

  1. Truck of the unit

The truck is a car that moves normally. These cart have a relatively larger shape and use the wheel. Like most carts of chicken porridge or carts of meatballs. We usually produce soto cart sold with this push model with a length of 1.5 meters, width 80 cm, height 2 meters. The wheels used are 2 large wheels, 1 small wheel that serves as a shock absorber. Do not forget that we offer a glass that surrounds the orifice of the heater that serves as a dust protector or small animals. For finishing, we usually give chocolate or dark yellow. It depends on consumer demand. For more details, see the image below.

  1. Pick up Cart

A wagon is a term for the sales model that is usually through pick up. This pick up wagon often stays in a sedentary alias settlement. These soto pick up cart usually consist of two pieces. One is used to place the soup warmer while the other is used to store dishes, plastic, crunch or spices. Both places are connected by a wooden board. And what makes this cart unique is a unique rattan that serves as a tow truck. But if the case of Soto is established, Rattan only works as decoration. This car can also be made to sell culinary. For more details, let’s look at the picture.

Well, maybe the explanation above can give an image of you knights. For the price of your own soto cart, contact us for more information. Then I sold soto cart to see you in another article.

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