Herbs and Medicinal Herbs

Consumption of herbal medicine and herbal medicine is not a new thing at this time. If you look back several years back, the use of herbs and herbal medicine covers various fields, such as politics, love, health, religion, and superstition. If for now, the function of herbal medicine and herbal medicine is solely for health.

In America, American Indians introduce herbs and herbal remedies. Described gardenherbs.org, American Indians are familiar with medicinal plants as a treatment, giver, and fragrance. For example is the lavender flower, American Indians already know that from this flower, a very nice aroma can be obtained. In fact, bearing the seeds, flowers, or leaves is not unusual anymore.

Another example of use is that of the ancient Greeks who used bay leaves and dill as a crown. This is not without purpose. By using the 2 plants, functioned as an air purifier in the room. Another example is the use of sweet marjoram as an abdominal pain medicine.

Plants such as mint and chives also include the mainstay of the ancient nation. Mint is considered a miracle drug because it cleans and purifies water and eliminates dark circles in the eyes. Kucai is considered the best food for cows to produce the best milk. If you look to the present day, do not be surprised that many herbal remedies or herbs that you consume are considered as ancestral heritage ingredients. [SO]

Author: Abraham McHavier

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