For Those Who Want A Porcelain Backsplash

Think porcelain, and your mind traipses past myriad images – hand painted antique porcelain, vintage porcelain glass and a slew of European products colored to perfection with wondrous porcelain patterns.

But those that are looking to decorate the usually vapid space between the cabinet and countertops in a uniquely creative, distinctively stylish and surprisingly inexpensive way are sure to let porcelain fire their backsplash ideas.

A fleeting glance at the backsplash trends promoted vaingloriously by pictures of backsplash tiles will convince you that a porcelain backsplash is giving more traditional backsplash materials like white ceramic tiles and Italian tile murals a run for their hallowed monopoly.

Nothing But The Best For Your Kitchen

Since the kitchen has acquired such a strong cachet in the past decade, every minute aspect like tiling, painting or selection of fittings and fixtures is being considered by well-informed homeowners very earnestly.

Little wonder then that homeowners settle for nothing but the best when it comes to choosing tiles for the kitchen backsplash. The staggering array of textures, colors, designs and styles has given them the freedom to create a delightful and dramatic backsplash that engages in a conversation immediately.

Redefining Convention

For long, clay fired, colored and glazed ceramic tiles were conspicuous by their presence on kitchen countertops and the backsplash. Thanks to their durability, ease of installation, low maintenance, and availability in a stunning array of colors, designs and styles, they were the numero uno choice for homeowners looking to add spunk and sizzle into the kitchen space without causing a severe drain on their finances.

Today, nifty homeowners have found a worthy successor in a porcelain tile backsplash. The fact that these tiles are exceptionally durable, easy to clean and maintain, remarkably slip-resistant and relatively inexpensive makes them the ideal choice for a host of interior and exterior applications, like walls and floors. And since they tantalize and tickle your imagination in an assortment of shapes, sizes, designs, colors and finishes, it’s not that hard for these tiles to stir things up in the backsplash area.

Peace Of Mind With Porcelain

So what makes these tiles score over other options like ceramic? For starters, they are created from pressed porcelain dust; hence, they are stronger, denser and more durable as compared to their ceramic counterparts.

Since the color and pattern of the tile remains uniform throughout, it can be coated with a glaze, matte or high-polish finish. The glaze that is used on the tile acts as a sealer, so a separate sealer is not required. But if unglazed tiles are used, it becomes mandatory to seal and grout them before installation, primarily to prevent staining.

Just like ceramic tiles, porcelain is installed using tile mastic. Grout is used to fill in the spaces between the tiles. You can choose the grout color in order to ensure that it is in sync with the color scheme of your décor. A combination of white porcelain tiles with red grout looks particularly striking.

Aren’t you willing to give porcelain tiles a full-on shot?


Author: Abraham McHavier

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