About time to start this thing back up.

It's time to change and start this thing back up again.

Ok, I’ve been so busy with family and running WrightIMC that I’ve again neglected this blog, as I’ve done so many times in the past. I doubt anyone is even still reading it. It’s been sitting like an abandoned oil well for almost two years. But I’m hoping now is the time to start it […]

WrightIMC awarded “Most Effective Search Marketing Campaign” at the Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards: Dallas SEO Company and Internet Marketing Consultancy takes top honors at Dallas/Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Event

WrightIMC, a premier Dallas based SEO and Interactive Marketing Consultancy, was awarded the “Most Effective Search Marketing Campaign” at the Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards for its work with the Houston based Johnson Law Group.

It’s been a long time…

Ok, it’s been a while since I posted on this Blog, but I’m back. Welcome to those who have stuck around. I have one heckuva task ahead of me getting those who used to subscribe back in the fold. I guess I’ve burned everyone too many times…which is a shame because those that know me […]

Hi, we shut down the office because there were too many customer. Kthnxbye!

Last Wednesday Google announced that they would be shutting down the local Dallas sales office. Why? I don’t know. I guess there were too many customers around here, or the location was too central to the rest of the United States, or there was too much ad spend going on this city – which by […]

Is your SEO process like McDonalds?

Over that past several weeks, I’ve not followed my own advice. You see, our agency is growing. We’re adding new clients every week. We are interviewing and hiring and now looking for larger office space. Growing pains. Well, I’ve been here before (in fact, a couple of times). I’ve known these days were coming. And […]

First post on the new format

So, I’m still getting used to the new digs. I’ve been really remiss about posting, because now that I’m on WordPress, I see there is SO much to do to this blog to make it what I want it to be. And content- well content is definitely the key. But evertime I log in I […]

Site Clinic May 8 in Plano

Join me at Geekmeet on Thursday, April 17!

It’s Official – WrightIMC is open for business!