Evolving in SEO Town – Search Engine Marketing Reputation Management Problem Part II

In my last post, I outlined what I see as a definite problem for those of us involved in search engine optimization. Namely, snake oil salesmen, lack of transparency and overall shady-ness has caused SEO to become a bad word. I also outlined that I think one solution to this reputation management problem that the […]

Embracing Change – Evolving in SEO Town

It was almost 8 years ago when I decided to move out of the cocoon of my big agency background and work at becoming a specialist in SEO. I feel that succeeded – but the cost, I realize now, may not have been worth the prize. I spend most of my days lately trying to […]

WrightIMC awarded “Most Effective Search Marketing Campaign” at the Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards: Dallas SEO Company and Internet Marketing Consultancy takes top honors at Dallas/Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Event

WrightIMC, a premier Dallas based SEO and Interactive Marketing Consultancy, was awarded the “Most Effective Search Marketing Campaign” at the Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards for its work with the Houston based Johnson Law Group.

The death of the ranking report

Many people have predicted the death of the ranking report. I have maintained the the ranking report is still an essential communication tool, even if in real life it doesn’t reflect reality. If this takes off, my opinion will have officially changed.

SEO Tools – How about an export over here?

Google’s Lasnik Wishes “NoFollow Didn’t Exist” | Marketing Pilgrim

Andy Beal’s conversation with Google’s Adam Lasnik brings forth some interesting comments about the dreaded “nofollow” tag.

I’ll raise your PR 4 and add in a PR7? Screw it, I’m all in.

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