Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener for Comfortable and Easy Cooking


Seriously, what is more annoying than not using the best kitchen knife sharpener to sharpen your favorite knives? Literally, it’s nothing! It is because sometimes when you didn’t use a good sharpener, your knives would turn to be more useless, either it stays dull or it breaks because of the wrong way of sharpening. But don’t worry as this thread will guide you to choose the perfect sharpener for your knives.


1. The Super Stones from Naniwa

The Japanese brand Naniwa never disappoints its customer. Most of its products are well made and well sold. While it is considerably a cheap line of product, this super stone is not an exception, a ceramic which available in a series of grits. Also, since Naniwa products have this splash-and-go tag, hence you only need to splash a little amount of water to this best kitchen knife sharpener stones before you use it. However, for certain stones with particular grits, you are required to soak them first. Now for a good edge, you will need three up to four stones with different grits. For example, 220 grit, 2000 grit, and 5000 grit.


2. The Glass Stones from Shapton

Slightly similar to the Japan-origin product, this Shapton product is sporting wet-and-go tag. What differs Shapton from the previous brand is that, while Naniwa sometimes requires soaking, Shapton doesn’t. It means that this Glass Stone only need a splash of water before it is used. For professional, meaning people who are familiar with sharpening, this Shapton product will give them satisfying result in a relatively short time. However, it also has a drawback. A simple illustration is if you by any chance make any mistakes in the process of sharpening using this best kitchen knife sharpener, the outcome would likely to be amplified. Click here for more information.


3. The Triangle Sharpmaker from Spyderco

For knives enthusiasts, this sharpener may be the best choice out of others. With a plastic base to guide you achieve the angle you want, this sharpener will help you to have no-more-dull edges. The overall set consists of a plastic base with several slots for you to fit the stones for various angles, a manual instruction, a pair of guard rails, and two stones. What you should note, however, while the product is said to be all-around useful, this Spyderco product is best for small knives. In addition, this sharpener can be considered as the higher-end best kitchen knife sharpener product out of the three sharpeners. RFA

Author: Abraham McHavier

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