Be Careful, Herbal Medicines Can Also Be Dangerous

Herbal remedies formulated from the leaves of plants, bark, fruit, flowers and fragrant roots have been used since the time f the ancestors to cure various diseases. However, the circulation of herbal supplements is not regulated as strictly as medical drugs by FDA.

So, is herbal medicine safe to consume?

According to Prof. Maksum Radji, Professor of the Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Indonesia, for an herbal remedy to be declared safe, the product must first be scientifically proven through a series of clinical trials, including acute toxicity test, sub-acute toxicity test, chronic toxicity test, and teratogenic test, quoted from Kompas. Medicinal herbs should also be tested for dose, mode of use, effectiveness, monitoring of side effects, and their interactions with other drug compounds.

Unfortunately, herbs that usually use a combination of spices and variations of hereditary recipes do not have a definite dose and indication.

Dr. Peter Canter and Prof. Edzard Ernst of Peninsula Medical, quoted by The Telegraph, reveals that so far strong clinical evidence that can prove the effectiveness of herbs and herbal remedies to cure diseases is still very limited. And since the potential side effects are suspected to outweigh the benefits, this lack of medical evidence can mean that the use of herbal remedies is not recommended.

Not everyone can drink herbs and herbal remedies

Although made from natural ingredients, all herbs also contain chemical compounds that potentially pose a risk of adverse side effects. For example, Java Ginger (Curcuma zanthorrhiza) herbal medicine. Java Ginger is claimed as a powerful appetite-enhancing drug and overcome constipation, but not many know that Java Ginger has blood-thinning properties that can cause acute kidney bleeding in patients with liver disease.

The risks of side effects may also include imported products contaminated with agricultural chemicals or other foreign organisms during the manufacturing process in their home country. For example, herbal medicines that are doubtful of freshness and quality potentially contain Amanita phaloides mushrooms that produce aflatoxins that can damage the liver.

In addition, a number of Chinese imported herbal imported viagra supplements have been proven to contain up to four times the dose of a chemical compound mixture of prescription medical drugs commonly used to treat obesity and anti-impotence, which can cause serious side effects such as heart problems and blood pressure. In fact, the name of herbal supplements products should not contain synthetic drugs.

Taking medicinal herbs is safe under this condition

Eating herbs and herbal medicines as a complementary alternative to synthetic drugs (both prescription and non-prescription) may actually be done.

The use of herbal medicine in the form of decoction is relatively safe because the toxic substances that may be contained (eg, cassava leaves containing cyanide) have undergone chemical structure changes. It is safer to consume. But herbal medicine mixed with other methods should always be questioned its safety.

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Herbal supplements usually show new benefits if taken regularly in the long term.┬áTherefore, herbal remedies should only be consumed to maintain health, recovery of disease, or reduce the risk of disease – not to cure. To cure the disease is required for prescription drugs.

Just take note of the dosage a found time of using herbs if you are taking other medications. Herbal medicines should not be taken before medical drugs to avoid the risk of chemical interaction interactions and should be taken 1-2 hours after medication.

Herbal supplements also cannot be taken carelessly because the reaction of each person to drugs can be different from each other. Although having the same complaints, not necessarily herbal medicine that was suitable for you will provide the same efficacy in your child or neighbor. [SO]

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