Excerpts from my Personal Journal


I’ve been keeping a personal journal for a few months now. I don’t usually share it with anyone. But today, I felt compelled to share a portion of what I’d written. I hope you get something out of it or it spurs some thoughts in your own life. Let me know in the comments if […]

Here’s why SEOs can’t have nice things…I clicked an ad and you won’t believe what I saw.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 14.22.44

Today, as I do  every day, I was browsing on LinkedIn and an ad caught my eye. The Ad said: Hmmm. Outsourced linking. Sounds fishy to me. But, technically, at my firm, that’s one of our offerings. We help clients build links by promoting them the way a PR firm would. Our links also can […]

Managing Joy


It’s hard to come to work after a great family holiday. Easter this year was one of the best I can remember. While we had some of the stress associated for preparing for a holiday with four kids under the age of 8, as well as getting ready for church, creating a meal for immediate […]

On Jan. 1, minors in California can start erasing their online history — including photos | VentureBeat | Social | by Richard Byrne Reilly

This law has some very interesting implications for those of who work in Reputation Marketing. How will folks like Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report respond? Will he remove items about minors from his site, despite his long-standing policy of “never removing anything?” Content creators, especially those that cater to minors, will need to up their […]

Embracing Change – Evolving in SEO Town

It was almost 8 years ago when I decided to move out of the cocoon of my big agency background and work at becoming a specialist in SEO. I feel that succeeded – but the cost, I realize now, may not have been worth the prize. I spend most of my days lately trying to […]

Mayday! The problem with chasing too much tail.

For those of you not into the everyday happening of the search engine optimization world, let me tell you a little secret. Google changes things. And they change things often. This one of the reasons why I love my job – my ADD doesn’t handle status quo that well. And I’m a natural information junkie(heck […]

WrightIMC awarded “Most Effective Search Marketing Campaign” at the Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards: Dallas SEO Company and Internet Marketing Consultancy takes top honors at Dallas/Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Event

WrightIMC, a premier Dallas based SEO and Interactive Marketing Consultancy, was awarded the “Most Effective Search Marketing Campaign” at the Excellence in Interactive Marketing Awards for its work with the Houston based Johnson Law Group.

10 tips for proactive online reputation management – Preparation for Pubcon South

Next week I’ll be doing a “Spotlight Session” at Pubcon South in my home town of Dallas, Texas. This means, that if you don’t have the privilege of hearing me speak for 45 minutes straight on normal days (like my wife or my employees), you can do that.  And it’s included in the price of your admission […]

Being Certifiable – Verified SEO, SEMPO and Realtors…What???

Over the last few hours, I’ve become aware of the Verified SEO. In the past, I’ve written about SEO Certification in the past, albeit not very well. So, let’s try this again. For more than two years I’ve been privately (well, at least not very loudly) advocating for a standards designation for search engine marketers. […]

Too fat to fly – Kevin Smith Vs. Southwestair – Solutions Inside…

I’ve been following the online “blogfight” of director Kevin Smith and my friends at Southwest Airlines with more than a little interest. It’s a sad situation for me. You see, I’m a big fan of both Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines. I love Kevin’s movies, and without Southwest carting me to Lubbock for two years […]