About time to start this thing back up.

It's time to change and start this thing back up again.

It’s time to change and start this thing back up again.

Ok, I’ve been so busy with family and running WrightIMC that I’ve again neglected this blog, as I’ve done so many times in the past. I doubt anyone is even still reading it. It’s been sitting like an abandoned oil well for almost two years. But I’m hoping now is the time to start it flowing again. I have a lot to write about, stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily want on the WrightIMC blog. And not all of it about internet marketing. My interests go far beyond the digital marketing world. And it’s time I brought this forum back. I’m not going to promise that this will stick -but hopefully I can at least consistently show a presence here. Oh – and I absolutely take guest blog posts. So if you want to write here, just send me a pitch. If it’s good, I’ll consider publishing it. If it’s spam, I’ll send it straight to Matt Cutts. :)

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