Must Have Tools for SEOs – Advanced Web Ranking & Advanced Link Manager

It’s important for any SEO or online marketer to establish a benchmark and monitor their online marketing efforts. Many use a variety of software to track conversions and traffic, such as Google Analytics. But, do you keep track of your web rankings and links? Caphyon’s Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager do just that. The software is easy to install and use. It is also supported on Windows, Mac OSX and even Linux!

Advanced Web Ranking 7.2 – Monitor Your Search Engine Rankings

Advanced Web Ranking is a search engine ranking tool that comes packed with a set of features that save you time and increase your productivity. Not only does it track your website rankings for a particular keyword, it also provides insight to your competition, keyword analysis and much more. The software comes in four flavors: Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Server. Discover the differences between each edition yourself with Advanced Web Ranking’s free 30 day trial. There are no limitations, as far as I can tell – you even get to choose which version you want evaluate when you start the program each time.

Three Favorite Advanced Web Ranking Features

Advanced Web Ranking – “Out of the Box”

When first installing Advanced Web Rankings, it may seem a little intimidating for some people. Rest assured the layout is intuitive and extremely easy to navigate. The software contains many different contextual help menus. In addition, when starting out you are provided a Step-by-Step Tutorial that walks you through the process of getting setup. Finally, if you still need assistance Caphyon offers online support through their website. They have a variety of options to choose from either through their support desk, forum, telephone and/or online chat. As of this writing, Advanced Web Ranking allows you to track over 2,109 search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. For most users and obvious reasons (performance being a big one), I recommend keeping this below 5, by default Bing, Google and Yahoo are already selected.

Reports and Scheduling

This is my favorite feature in Advanced Web Rankings. Advanced Web Rankings comes with a six default report templates that should be suitable for most website owners. However, if you’re a marketing agency or need to provide a customized look for your clients, Advanced Web Ranking allows you to easily generate custom reports that can be exported in a PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, Text or XML. Throughout the entire process a contextual help menu is conveniently placed on the left to assist you. What makes this even more powerful is the scheduling feature. You can easily setup Advanced Web Ranking to update one or more projects and generate any of reports. This can be set daily, weekly, monthly or just one time. Caphyon’s Advanced Web Rankings is easy to setup, increases your productivity and saves you time. There are no other product out there that can compare.

Competitive Analysis

Although not explicitly stated, Advanced Web Rankings is a great tool to also monitor your competition. It also allows you to compare your site with your competitors to discover what they are doing on their pages. It will give you side-by-side comparisons with you and your competitor’s site of their entire text, title, links, ALT tags, meta data and headings. From this it will tell you the number of occurrences, density and prominence of the word and phrases used on the page.

Advanced Link Manager 7.2 – Know who is linking to you.

Building a good link profile takes time. Many beginning SEOs and online marketers do not adequately track their link building efforts and have no idea what their link profile looks like. There are many tools out there that can give you a general idea, such as Yahoo’s site explorer or SEOMoz’s Open Site Explorer. However these tools only find what they crawl and they do not crawl on a consistent basis to give you a better picture of what links you have obtained. Advanced Link Manager bridges that gap and offers a proper link management system that also checks your link popularity. Try the best link manager tool in the market with no limitations!

Three Favorite Advanced Web Ranking Features

  • Find link partners – keep track of email requests.
  • Reports and Scheduling
  • Tools: Webpage Analyzer/Crawler/Google Maps

Advanced Link Manager – “Out of the Box”

Advanced Link Manager finds who is linking to your site – Simple as that. Ok, not really. Advanced Link Manager is much more than that. It offers domain information, anchor text distribution, track reciprocal linking, reporting, analysis tools and much more within each edition. I love using this tool to see the success of how well my link-baiting campaigns went. I can easily track and see how many links a particular campaign accumulated. From there assess if the campaign was a success. As most link builders know – it takes time and money to build quality links. Especially if you hire a copywriter or video production team to build quality content for your site. With Advanced Link Manager an SEO can easily determine if that content had generated enough links to outweigh the costs. I use my own formula for assessing the value of a link – a topic of discussion for some other time, but to put it simply we all know links have value. If our campaign generated over 100 quality/relevant links and the only cost assigned to doing so was paying a copywriter/blogger $2,500 to write a piece – on a basic level that’s $25 a link. By using Advanced Link Manager to help you evaluate your efforts, you will save time. Not to mention let you know what is effective in your link building efforts.

Finding Link Partners

Advanced Link Manager can help you discover and manage link partners. It comes packed with an email composer so that you can email within Advanced Link Manager. It also allows you to set the status of the email so you can easily track which link partners are responding or not.

Reports and Scheduling

Like Advanced Web Ranking, Advanced Link Manager comes with its own set of reports that you can customize, save and email. I personally use this feature the most on both tools and the best thing about is, once you learn one tool, it is really easy to dive into the other, as the interface and design are very similar to each other and contain supporting contextual help menus.

Tools: Webpage Analyzer/Crawler/Google Maps

The Webpage Analyzer tool provides information on various URLs to assist you in your link building efforts. It contains Page Rank information, HTTP response, Title tag, outbound links and much more. The Website Crawler tool is another favorite tool offered by Advanced Link Manager that allows you to crawl an entire website and generate an XML sitemap! Finally, the Google Maps Webpages Importer tool allows you to find who is ranking in the maps for a particular phrase. I can’t think of any tool that does this better than Advanced Link Manager.

Bottom Line

Most SEO tools today charge a monthly fee and are rather limited. Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager are extremely powerful tools that offer flexibility and full control over your data. The reports generated from these tools alone make these software a must have in any online marketer’s arsenal.

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