Why you should vote for me for the Social Media Club Board of Directors


Recently, I’ve put my hat in the ring as a candiate for the final spot on the Social Media Club’s board of directors.

So, why should you vote for me? I’m not always the greatest at promoting myself (that’s why I promote other people) but I’ll give it a shot…

As far a qualificiation, I think if you look at my bio, you’ll see I’m qualified – just like many others who are running. So I won’t harp on that too much.

What I do want to talk about is what I think I will bring to the board. You see, I’m a social media advocate, but also a social media skeptic. I think social media is an awesome tool for driving traffic, but the direct benefits haven’t been fully uncovered yet. I run social media campaigns for my clients, but none of those campaigns even holds a candle to the search marketing efforts we do. But, I think with long-term study the overall effects could be great. I just don’t know.

I love working with organizations that can make a difference, and I think that I have what it takes to be the “social media skeptic” on this board of directors. If you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comments. I’ll answer as quickly as possible!


  1. Love the skeptics – if everyone just agrees with each other, we tend not to innovate. Thanks for putting yourself out there and working to help Social Media Club grow.

  2. We just joined the SMC! Good luck getting in! (And we don’t blame ya for being a skeptic as well!)

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