Hi, we shut down the office because there were too many customer. Kthnxbye!


Last Wednesday Google announced that they would be shutting down the local Dallas sales office. Why? I don’t know. I guess there were too many customers around here, or the location was too central to the rest of the United States, or there was too much ad spend going on this city – which by the way is home to Fortune 500 companies than ANY OTHER CITY IN THE UNITED STATES – INCLUDING NYC!

The only good part about this is that it won’t affect me too much. I already am forced to deal with guys in Mountainview because that where all the people agencies deal with live. So if I need something in the morning, I usually have to wait. Don’t get me wrong, I love my reps. I just wish we could go to lunch and strategize sometimes like I used to do when Google actually thought Geography was important.

My question? Why have offices ANYWHERE other than Mountainview if you are going to service all accounts vertically? I hear Atlanta still has an office…IF you look at the business landscape of Atlanta vs. Dallas there is no comparison. Dallas has more money, more people, more interactive marketing spend, a larger interactive marketing community and the largest IMA. Oh, and Dallas also has the largest local search marketing group in the country.

So, Google – please tell me again why you are shutting down the Dallas office and not the others? Just color me pissed off.

Oh, and you can read the DFWSEM release that went out yesterday where my writing was much more professional and calm (well, the others in the group make me play nice sometimes.)

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