Why I don’t like online video training…unless its fun


I just got back from buying a Webcam. I went with the Microsoft LIfeCam vx 6000. I had to buy this camera for a video interview I am scheduled to do with CEO Magazine later this week. For some reason, they want to look at my ugly face while they interview me about trends in search engine marketing…

I can tell you that I will not be one of the people who watch this.

I’ve been involved in many video projects over the years. Back in 2000, I participated in putting together what was then the largest online video event ever for Victoria’s Secret. I currently have training courses in search engine marketing, PPC and online reputation management up at Xtrain.com. But I don’t watch online video, unless it’s a snippet of something stupid on Yahoo. Or a rapping SEO guy. I guess what I’m saying is that I’d rather read the transcript of a video of training material rather than watch the video.

There’s a reason for that. My learning style is characterized as Visual, but I would further classify it as textual. I learn from reading. I can learn from listening as well,  but not as well and I don’t retain the information as well. I tried books on tape and realized they werent for me. Just like online video.

This is also one of the reasons I left real-world classes behind after graduate school. Real world classes in the adult world (at least the ones I have taken) tend to move at the pace of the slowest learner in the class. I am impatient, and I get very frustrated with those who don’t get it. Especially when that person is me. In fact, if I found I was the slowest in the class (it’s happened) I’m much more likely to just quit.

So, while I hope that the online video training world evolves, I doubt I’ll be evolving with it. What do you think?


  1. Hmm we think it all depends on the person. Some people get serious ADD while reading and need something visually in front of them whereas people such as yourself would rather have the opposite. We enjoy a mixture of it all to keep us entertained.

  2. I almost never watch online videos or listen to podcasts, because they’re mind-numbingly SLOW to impart information, which leads to crushing boredom and a marked tendency to hare off on mental tangents in the interstices. I can absorb the same amount of data reading the transcript in a fourth the time, if not faster, with much less risk of derailing. It’s also easier to revisit specific points, when necessary, using text.
    The primary exception, at least in video, is when there’s actual visual information to present that is difficult to communicate via transcript. Listening to podcasts while driving is fairly tolerable.

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