First post on the new format

So, I’m still getting used to the new digs. I’ve been really remiss about posting, because now that I’m on WordPress, I see there is SO much to do to this blog to make it what I want it to be. And content- well content is definitely the key. But evertime I log in I see some new widget I want to add, or some new thing I want to try. So I stopped logging in for a while. But I’m back. And I’ve got alot to say. Our business is actually booming again and I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work. We’re hiring entry level people, so if you know someone, have them contact me. Also, it’s time to look for a new office as I think we’re about to outgrow this one. All good news. The only bad news is that I don’t have the time to write about it.

But with these WordPress digs (thanks Jonathan at Trioptek!), I should be able to reach more people that before.  Onward and upward – oh, and look for me on Twitter ( I’m much better about updating that frequently.

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