Life, Liberty and the pursit of happiness

I’ve been in a rather reflective mood lately. I’m not sure if its the fact that I’m about to turn 35, that my business is finally starting to move the way I want it to, that my son is walking and talking and just being the most fun thing I’ve ever dreamed of or if I’m just experiencing a chemical imbalance that causes me to reflect and become emotional in gratitude. Either way, I had to fight away tears at the following from Copyblogger:

Link: The Snowboard, the Subdural Hematoma, and the Secret of Life | Copyblogger.

I encourage you to read it and live you life for a higher purpose. I’m struggling with this every day, but I see progress. I hope those around me see progress as well. And I hope that I don’t have to have an experience like Copyblogger to make me realize what is important to me. I hope that I can realize that without any help.

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