What I’ve been up to.


Since I seem to be extremely averse to updating this blog, I thought I’d give a quick round-up of what’s been going on in my life:

1. Discovering and implementing a radically effective and efficient form of local advertising that I’ll not talk too much about yet – but will be coming soon. And if you are interested, you can contact me as I’m already selling it – just not willing to talk about it too much.
2. Creating an average of 3 new business proposals a day for WrightIMC (yes, we’re busy, but we still have room for more).
3. Trying to write copy for our new Web site design that we want to launch as soon as possible, but of course, the copy isn’t ready (damn me.)
4. I just built a 16X32 foot deck on the back of my house (ok, the guys at Paw Contracting built it, but I paid for it) so I’m spending alot more time outside.
5. Trying to potty train a very stubborn 2.5 year-old boy who likes to take off his diaper and let fly at innapropriate time (boy do I have stories).
6. Training my new partner and friend John Confer on the weird and wonderful world that is interactive marketing.
7. Continuing to get accustomed to our new offices
8. Enjoying life with family and friends.

More later. I promise. But now it’s time to go to dinner with the family.


  1. Hey, Tony…I’m happy to hear things are going well for you. Keep up the good work! …and for those of you reading these comments and are contemplating doing some business with this guy, stop waiting and call – you’ll be happy you did!

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