SEO Tools – How about an export over here?

It’s no secret that I will pay lots of money for great SEO tools. I have in the past will continue to pay for the best tools out there. I’ve thought about building my own (or having them built) but I’m not a programmer, I’m a marketer. And besides, 90% of what I need is already out there. The remaining 10% I can do manually.

But recently I’ve been rethinking my position on SEO tools. See, I purchased some VERY expensive tools from several sites (they also came with "insider knowledge" which I have yet to learn anything from) only to find these tools have NO EXPORT TO EXCEL function. Huh? I LIVE in Excel. I do everything there and so do most SEO/SEMs I know. All of these tools are putting out HTML code. I know, I can move that over the Excel, but the formatting disasters that ensue can take hours to fix. I use tools to make my life easier, not put me in a formatting coma for hours.

And if you think you know the tools I’m talking about, I’ll bet you don’t. But you think you do. But it’s the same in all of these tools – no export to Excel…Why!


  1. Tony, I hope you are not referring to Lead Maverick. Our reporting tool which is powered by Net Applications has an export function. If you are talking about the content edit screen that lists all the content posted in LM, then you are write, we do not have this.

    Let me know how we can help if we are the ones you are referring to. Thanks again…as always.

  2. Sean,

    No, it’s not Lead Maverick – but I won’t say who it is. I’m working with the tool provider to help them out with this. This post is a good warning though – make sure your tools are customer ready before you start charging the big bucks to use them.

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