How to sell me something

Ok, ok…I know I’ve been failing miserably at this blog. I have alot of write about, but when it comes to putting fingers to keypads, I seem to procrastinate, avoid and therefore fail. I guess I’m going to have to follow the old alcoholics anonymous motto and just take it one day at a time.

Recently it seems I’ve been inundated with media sales types, young entreprenuers and flat out snake oil salesmen trying to get my attention and buy their products. For you folks, here is some advice:

1. The first thing you need to do is outline the benefit of your product or service to ME. Don’t just assume I know what it is. I had a guy send me an e-mail with a very long profile of his company. I read it for just a minute and then deleted it. It had no relevance to me – even though I know this guy and I’m sure he had something in mind. I just didn’t have time to dig through his crap. If you don’t hook me in the first few paragraphs, I probably won’t be buying from you.
2. Understand what I do. Somehow I’m on someones list somewhere as a person in the Oil and Gas industry. While I probably should be in that industry, looking at the new house my petroleum engineer brother-in-law just bought, I am not.  You are wasting both of our time.
3. If you want to call me on the phone, you’d better have something for me. I’m sucker for a free lunch, so asking me to lunch is good. Asking me if my clients would like to place an ad on your network – probably not going to work. The process is, let me know about your network, continue to wow me with results from others, learn my clients, find a unique opporunity for them, give me a good price and I’ll buy from you. Not that hard, people. Just calling me out of the blue will just piss me off. And I don’t buy from people who piss me off. Period.
4. Don’t just follow-up to follow-up. Unless you have given me a specific plan, I’m not thinking about your product. You need to do the whole dance over again. If you are calling to follow up, I probably don’t even remember you.
5. If you meet me at an event when I’ve had some drinks, don’t expect me to remember too much about what we talked about. I’m bad like that.

That should be a pretty good list. Good luck selling stuff to me.


  1. I definitely agree with #4. Hate pointless contact.

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