Why don’t you want to build a search marketing practice from scratch?


As many of you know, one of my main focuses for the past 6 months has been helping companies build (or re-build) a successful search marketing program. The challenges are endless – finding talent, pleasing difficult clients, getting processes in place, etc.. But the most surprising challenges tend to come from management at the company itself. It amazes how short sighted many advertising executives are.

I can practically guarantee a profitable search marketing practice in six months to any web design firm, advertising agency or PR firm if they have at least 10 happy existing clients. The results from the past speak for themselves. Yet, when approached with start-up costs (necessary to any business endeavor) and setting aside the time to make it happen, many managers who were gung-ho just a few months before are now beside themselves with excuses not succeed.

Damn it, if you don’t want to be successful, don’t hire me. It will save us all a lot of time and you some money.

The managers that I love (read cringe) to deal with are those that don’t know how to operate their own e-mail. I met one the other day. His secretary prints out every e-mail and puts them on his desk. He responds and she types out his responses for him. DUDE, if you won’t take the time to learn to use a simple e-mail program, then how should I expect you to champion a search marketing program? Am I being too harsh? Maybe. After all, these are successful advertising giants who could probably teach me a thing or two about how to land the big deal. But for gosh sakes, I’m going to make you money. At least humor me by ACTING interested in what I’m doing. You hired me, remember.

This post is starting to sound too much like a rant, which is not was intended – but perhaps bitching to blogosphere sometimes has a cathartic effect. Plus, I’ve now got my post in the for the day. Until tomorrow.

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