Twitterific – rediscovering an old tool

Ok, I really want to respond to all the comments on yesterday’s post, but I’m saving that for later in the week. Needless to say, I still think that search optimization certification is necessary, but I want to talk about how it will work. So Chris, Kate and all you others who responded, thanks and we’ll talk later.

Now I want to talk about how I’m rediscovering Twitter. I actually turned Twitter off on my phone in November because it was driving me crazy. I was very busy and not knowing if the message was from Twitter or a client and having to look everytime drove me crazy (no, I don’t set different tones because I keep my phone on vibrate at all times, ever since an inconsiderate ass threw my phone across the room for going off while he was on the phone – those where there know what I’m talking about). But I turned it back on yesterday. I’ve already found some cool new SEO tools, a Webinar I want to attend and seen several stories I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Yes, it’s still annoying, but I’m not as busy right now so I like it. Amazing how my state of mind affects how I like a service.

Anyone else have any tips for getting more out of twitter?

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