Houston Interactive Marketing Assocation – Growing and getting there


Today I had the privelege of attending the inaugural Houston Interactive Marketing Assocation’s Interactive Strategies summit. I must say, that for an organization that is less than two years, putting on an event like the one today must have been a monumental task. But I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The content, while somewhat basic, was good with good speakers from the Houston area. My first thought in the first presentaion (an advanced Search Marketing section) was that this was going to be a long day – the speaker started out really basic. But as she got going, I found myself listening more than playing on my Treo (which is a real compliment, let me tell you).

I learned alot about the Houston advertiing market today. I always wondered why Houston, which is a bigger city than Dallas, seemed to have an almost non-existent advertising community. I now know that the ad community is alive, but focused on B-to-B enterprsies, which makes sense if you think about the industries that Houston houses.

I was very happy to finally hear Bill McClosky or Search Insider speak (I’m too lazy to look up links tonight, this is coming from my hotel room and I’m tired, so Google him if you want to learn more). His presentation on E-mail marketing was very informative to me, especially since I haven’t done any serious e-mail marketing in about 4 years.

The networking was great and I met alot of folks from Houston and Austin – but suprisingly, I think I might have been the only person from Dallas (besides a couple of sales reps) in attendance. I find that sad. The Dallas community has supported HIMA, but it would have been nice to see some folks in attendance. Ah well, more business for me.

I’d like to publicly thanks Business.com for paying my way into the event and eveny buying me a drink. i got some great leads from some quality companies and I anticipate I’ll be in Houston much more often in the near future.

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