It’s Official – WrightIMC is open for business!


Well, it’s actually been over a month and a half, but for those of you who don’t know, I’m now totally out
on my own and have launched my own consultancy, WrightIMC.

In a nutshell, WrightIMC is designed to help advertising agencies, PR firms, Web design firms, in-house marketing teams and others who are interested in starting their own search marketing practice. I really believe that this is a great niche for my skill set as I’ve been building search marketing practices for more than 10 years and I know what takes to make a profitable and productive practice.

Of course, we’re also taking on select clients for interactive marketing and search marketing needs. So if you need search engine marketing help (paid or natural) or any other interactive marketing help, we can do that too.

The goal of WrightIMC is to be THE world class interactive marketing consultancy. Note that we are NOT an agency. We provide consulting. Tactical work is done by agencies. We can provide tactical work through our vast network of practitioners, but we prefer to guide the strategy rather than help with the tactical work we can train your team to do for itself.

I invite you to read the this press release and I would LOVE to hear comments on this new business concept. Also, we have a very healthy referral program for anyone who sends us a warm lead (up to 5% of the entire project) Let me know if you are interested in that.

I look forward to hearing your comments


  1. Joe Kavich says:

    best wishes Tony

  2. Thanks Joe!

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