Why Mobile Local Search should be the next big thing


This weekend was action packed for the Wright family…But it would have been so much nicer if we had reliable mobile search and mobile applicaitons. Here was the agenda, and in red I ‘ve put comments on how I would have liked to use mobile local search:


  • Immediately after work head over to my parent’s house for my Grandmother’s 86th birthday, complete with Cake, Gift the whole works. We had several cassarole concoctions cooked up by my Mother and Aunts, in case you were wondering (would have liked to find the card online and sent it to my folks house to print rather than settle for the lame selection at CVS. Also would have sent my Mom and Aunts some recipes).
  • Head home, complete with completely wired two-year-old who had THREE cookies given to him by overindulging relatives. (search for tips on how much bendryl is safe to give a sugar enraged two-year-old, or if I’m bad parent for wanting to pull out the bendadryl)
  • Force said two-year-old to go night-night (an hour past his regular bedtime)(Perhaps a night-night story from Google or somewhere else…Maybe tips on putting a wired two-year-old to bed?)
  • Go downstairs, realize we are out of wine and head to the store while my wife picks out a movie on our Verizon Fios VOD service (Maybe we could have found a movie online with a better search as the FIOS search options suck. I would like to be able to price wine via search so I know which store to head to)
  • Come back to find there are no good movies and we are tired so we watch an episode of weeds, drink wine and go to bed. (Perhaps some online guides to Weeds have been nice, but we had the laptop so mobile search wasn’t as necessary here.)


  • Wake up at 7:30 a.m. to the sound a two-year-old destroying his room. (I need to search for a wallpaper hanger, as he ripped the border down and told me "Uh OH" about a thousand times. Perhaps new discipline techniques for two-year-olds would be nice to find via search as well.)
  • Turn on ESPN College Gameday to see what’s going on that day (ESPN.com on my Treo sucks. I can get scores, etc…but it’s still not where it needs to be. I’m still stuck watching it at home and not on the go with my mobile).
  • Grab the two-year-old and be forced to switch the TV from Gameday to Elmo (Again, can I not get ESPN Gameday on my phone!!! Elmo doesn’t know who is going to win the LSU game this week).
  • Decide that it would be good to get out of the house – get on the net and search for something to do. (I would have preferred to search after we left the house as the two-year-old was in a very excitable mood).
  • Find a Pumpkin patch  somewhat nearby and think that would be fun. (Great events can be found online. But if I was already out, I would have never found this place.)
  • Drive to said pumpkin patch while two-year-old falls asleep (Luckily, we have TomTom, so we didn’t need directions, but you can see where I’m going here)
  • Wake up cranky two-year-old and proceed into farm to feed "Moocows" and "Bah Bahs (sheep)" (It would have been neat to have some facts about sheep and Cows and Goats to share, although I’m not sure the two-year-old would have cared that much.)
  • Wait in line for the hayride (Something to do while waiting in-line, helloo??)
  • Fret that I will miss the Texas Tech vs. Missouri game at 2:30 (If only I could watch it on my phone!)
  • Make the family leave early so we will not miss said game (much nashing of teeth) (Hmm. perhaps I could order some flowers for my wife here?)
  • Go home and watch the game.

I won’t go into Sunday, because I don’t have the time, but you can see where I’m going. So you Mobile apps and search developers – keep working will you? I’m hoping that in the future you can make my life easier. And no, I don’t have an iPhone and won’t because I don’t want to switch from Verizon.


  1. Right on Tony … precisely! What a great way of putting it all into perspective! Thanx!

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