What an interesting week – the Business side of SEO


This week I’ve had the privilege of meeting with some of the top minds in traditional and interactive advertising – all in the Dallas area. The reason, well all of these folks want to add search engine marketing to their roster of services and aren’t quite sure how to do it. Some of them, it seems like, are waking up from a slumber wherein they relied on branding mechanisms such as interactive display, microsites, advergames and other tactics and ignored search because either they thought wasn’t productive for their clients or couldn’t be scalable for their business.

I’m obviously working to help them integrate search into their practices, but I keep coming back to the same old thoughts – the traditional agencies seem to be waking up to search engine marketing like never before, and the search only agencies are trying to add services to compete with the traditional agencies. In most cased, the traditional agencies have more money and resources to compete, but the search firms are scrappy. It’s just, can they both understand the other side of the business well enough to succeed?

I liked what my friend Tyson Kirksey had to say in his blog this week. I think the person he was talking to was me. Agency life changes really fast  – and just a couple of bad decisions can bring an entire agency down.

I know this post isn’t as well thought out as I’d like it to be, but I’m sure I’ll come back to this line of thinking soon. In the meantime, expect a big announcement (that many of you already know about) on Monday or Tuesday – depending upon technical difficulties (or hopefully lack thereof!)

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