How Sphinn and Digg have changed my daily habits

I just finished purging my RSS reader. I got rid of a lot of blogs that I don’t read on a regular basis and just basically cleaned up the clutter. I am a notorious pack rat – especially when it comes to information and in the past I subscribed to many blogs that "might" offer a glimpse of some genius that I hadn’t seen before. But for the most part, there was a real redundance on the information I was receiving. But I never would have cleaned out the RSS box until recently because of two sites – Digg and Sphinn.

You see, I no longer that any worthy SEM news will get by me. I check Sphinn several times a day and look at what is popular, and even hit the Sphinn at a Glance feature to see what’s new and coming up. I do the same thing with Digg for technology and world news (as SEM news always gets buried on Digg.)

The blogs I’ve kept in my RSS reader are either the cream of the crop (ones that I read every post on every day) or niche (I love my wine marketing blogs). The rest of my news is filtered by the masses at Sphinn or Digg.

In Journalism school I was taught that "pack journalism" is evil and I should always be looking for the new angle on everything. Perhaps that is why I  kept susbscribing to blogs that essentially rarely shed any new light on anything in my world. I was always afraid I would miss that one nugget of information. I’m still worried that I will miss out to an extent, but I’ve realized I don’t have to be the first person to find the genius that is out there to benefit from it. Sure, being first has it’s bragging rights, but in the long run I just want to take advantage of the news while it’s still relevant. And Digg and Sphinn allow me to do that without spending my entire day panning for gold in the murky water that was my RSS box.

So thank you Sphinn and Digg. You have truly made my life more enjoyable and more productive.


  1. You know, I kind have done this same thing. I don’t look at nearly the volume of SEO blogs that I used to thanks to Sphinn. It’s even taken over most of my digg time. I tend to go to Fark for my world news… even if it’s probably not the best source.

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