I’ll raise your PR 4 and add in a PR7? Screw it, I’m all in.


Ok, I’m a geek for wanting to play in this tournament. I know I’ll get my clock cleaned and end up having to link to some black hat spammer for an entire year. But what an interesting concept. And am I a total geek for thinking that? Poker for links. I want in. Let’s just see what the partners say. I think I would vote no if I didn’t want to play so badly. I just need to find some unsuspecting site willing to sponsor my ante!

Link: SEO Poker Tournament.

Because this, the 2nd SEO Poker Tournament, has the highest stakes imaginable in Search Engine Optimization, the Holy Grail of Ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN: Quality Inbound links with the anchor text of your choice.

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