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Ok, so the cat’s out of the bag. I didn’t make the SEMPO board. I’m dissappointed, but this gives me a goal for next year. I plan on getting as involved as I can in SEMPO and making a go next year. This year was a long shot anyway.

I was very happy to see my good friend Massimo Burgio get on the board. I think he will make a great addition and I’m anxious to see his energy translated to the organization at a higher level.

Link: 2007 SEMPO Board Announced | Marketing Pilgrim.

Monday, February 26th, 2007;
Jeremy Luebke |


  1. Hi Tony, thanks for mentioning me – and yes, I’m sorry you didn’t make it (psssst… don’t tell anyone, but you were on my ballot list…).

    Anyway, as we have been discussing recently, I’m sure we’ll have more opportunities to work on exciting SEMPO projects this year – and I hope I will be back to Dallas soon, only this time to hang out with the good guys! ;)

    See you soon, and send all my best to the KC gang – btw, good job with the blog!


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