Random Friday Thoughts From The Week


Since the readership of this blog is so sparse and I know that I’m being too careful about what I say here since that is my nature (my traditional PR background assures that I only speak half my mind and filter the rest – some would say I only have a half a mind though) I’m going to start a new tradition. Every Friday I’m going to make the time to create a stream of consciousness rambling about what I think about what happened this week. The only things off limits are the inner workings of my agency – because well, its none of your damn business.

So lets start off – I have a guilty pleasure that I’m ashamed of and its
called American Idol. I don’t know when I started watching it, but I’m
addicted. I’m really hoping the Chris Sligh goes far. I think he’s
smart and talented. He reminds of the kind of guy I would have hung out
with in High School. Us fat guys have to stick together.

In the news this week – good news is that the school district
where my wife teaches is going to offer childcare services next year.
That should save us some coin. Also in the news this week – Barack
Obama and Hillary. I like Obama. Not sure I’ll vote for him, but I like
what he has to say. Hillary, on the other hand – I think she brings no
value to the table. I disagree with almost everything she stands for. I
lived in Arkansas as the end of the Clinton’s reign there, and from
everything I hear she was Bill’s puppet master with ambition that would
make Machiavelli proud. Hillary denouncing David Geffen for being
behind Barack Obama is ridiculous. I was going to put some sort of
clever simile there, but I couldn’t think of one.

In the SEO world. I already posted about the disaster that is Microsoft. I’m suprised this isn’t getting more play in the mainstream press. It’s a huge issue. I saw someone on Webmaster World call it the biggest snafu in the history of PPC. I think that may be correct. Somebody call CNN.

I also see that people are now boycotting Mybloglog. I’m not on board with that. I’m planning on posting an entire entry on this on Monday, but I think those that are boycotting Mybloglog are going overboard. Baby with bathwater, all that jazz.

I love that my partner Gio has video podcast himself digging a hole. The randomness of Gio is what makes the Agency Blog so great – except of course when he has someone to pick at. Then the blog is even greater.

Belated congratulations to my Good friend Mark Jackson. His wife gave birth to beautiful twin girls last week. I couldn’t believe he made it to the DFWSEM meeting on Monday. I didn’t blog about that meeting (shame on me) but it was great. We tried a new concept called "speed networking" where everyone sits at a small table with about six other people from the group and discusses a topic for about ten minutes. Then everyone switches. The concept worked BEAUTIFULLY (thanks for the idea, Social Media Club)

I saw that Christine Churchill had a great time in London. Someday I’ll go to that show. Right now I’m too busy keeping our clients happy to even think about a trip overseas. But man, would I like to go.

Well, it’s 5:30 on a Friday and I’m pretty much done for the week. Going to meet the wife for Sushi as the kid is spending the night at Grammie and Granddads tonight. Sushi (what an awful Website – perhaps I’ll talk to them about it tonight) and a movie – man I remember when we did this every Friday night.

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