Microsoft Search Center Printing Its Own Money?

Here’s another one from the “what the hell is going on in Redmond” file.

This morning, we noticed that many of our bids in Microsoft Ad Center where HIGHLY inflated. We paused the accounts. Turns out this was a global issue and everyone was effected, much like my earlier post about Microsoft Search Center not providing data.

Come one people. You are Microsoft. You used to stand for innovation. Google is killing you. Either pull your collective heads out or get out of the game.

I don’t even want to talk about the “fun talks” we’ve been having with MSN reps this week. Good note there – we’re finally moving to one single contact. Bad news is, this is our 8th rep from Microsoft we’ve had in the last 6 months. I don’t even remember all of their names.

Link: Microsoft adCenter CPC Costs Spike: Known Bug.

Notice how the base bid is $0.50 and the average bid is $281.58. Nice Microsoft! Yes, Microsoft is aware of this issue and posted an update in the WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint thread about an hour ago.

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