ROI Killed the Branding Star?

Ari Rosenberg knows what he’s talking about.

For the last ten years, the search industry has been clamoring for a peek at the golden goose that traditional advertising agencies keep in their plush Madison Avenue offices. At first, the advertising giants scoffed at the thought that a bunch of ragtag computer geeks could ever infiltrate the house that Ogilvy built. But soon, the advertisers learned that search was a great way to sell products. Not only that, but search marketers could PROVE that they sold the products. As one search marketer I know said “Search is direct marketing on steriods”

Now the traditional advertising types are scrambling to learn this search stuff. The computer geeks have now infiltrated the ranks of most of the agencies on Madison avenue. And every advertiser wants more justification on their ad spends in every medium. Including television.

Have we gone too far though? Isn’t there inherent value in building a brand? Read this blog post below. Rosenberg has some great thoughts.

Link: Online Publishing Insider » Blog Archive » Search And Destroy.

I understand the crutch of generating monthly revenue without making a sales call, or the pressure to keep the lights on, for that matter, but whether you are making $3,000 a month or $30,000 from search-driven revenue-sharing agreements (like Google AdSense, for example), dollars earned this way appear to help your bottom line but make far less sense underneath the surface.

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