Burson sends PR folks to Boot Camp


Link: News and Commentary – Strumpette.

According to Strumpette, leading PR firm Burson Marsteller is sending its associates to a "digital boot camp." As one who helped run the interactive division of a large PR firm for some years, I completely understand this thinking. I don’t necessarily with the notion from the article that states:

"I think they’re making a serious tactical error. The Web insurgents fight this stuff asymmetrically. It’s going to be a bloodbath."

My experience has taught me that the folks who go to this meeting won’t do anything, but at least they’ll have some grounding in the realities of social media. We used to do "seminars" like this all the time for interested teams. They would come in, learn some stuff, be all gung-ho for about two weeks and then go back to pitching just like they do every day. I call this the "Summer Camp" high from my days when I used to go to church summer camp. Back then it was inevitable that we would all make our recommitment to our religion for at least two weeks. Nothing really changed, except we did retain some of that knowledge. So, I think that the PR associates at Burson will have a nice seminar and will be able to know what their client is saying when they talk about "all that Web 2.0 stuff." Other than that, don’t look for many changes.

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