Announcing The Dave Pasternack SEO Contest |

So Did-It’s Dave Pasternack thinks natural SEO is easy and can be done by anyone. He claims it is not Rocket Science.

Link: Announcing The Dave Pasternack SEO Contest |


This is too funny, although I’m wondering if Pasternack will try to spin this in any way. I’ve always thought he was a little too cocky for his own good. He’s dead wrong on his thinking about natural search. I’m not sure why he has this beef with it. I know what his company does, but it’s not like the two disciplines have to remain exclusive. More than likely, natural search is not taking away from his client’s budget with him. Bashing SEO will make Pasternack a ton of enemies (by looking at Threadwatch, it already has). I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I may even throw my hat in the ring on the PPC ad thing.


  1. Dave Pasternack

    According to a threadwatch post, threadwatch has decided to get on the seo contest bandwagon by hosting a Dave Pasternack contest. Its Aaron Walls idea to host this Dave Pasternack Search Engine Optimization contest, which is all about Da…

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