MediaPost Publications – MySpace Censors Content To Lure Marketers – 03/31/2006

Myspace is trying to grow up. They want the big money, yet they know that the big money is scared of a site where someone can post pictures of their own turds in a toilet bowl for their friends to see.

Like this article says, Myspace won’t be for every advertisers, but the ones who are smart will realize that we are in a different realm here. It used to be that if you advertised on a television show or radio program, your brand was implicitly endorsing that show or program…Consumers would (and do) get furious if you endorse a program that offended their demographic.

Now, we are in the age of community driven content. Censoring this content in order to make it milquetoast enough for “All American Brand X” would be suicidal, not to mention almost impossible. Advertisers need to realize that places like are GOLD MINES for reaching the younger demographic. And they are also TIME BOMBS for ticking off their parents. You can’t have it both ways.

You think the folks that supported Elvis in his early career regret doing so, despite the fact they were probably told they were going to hell for it? Love to hear comments.

Link: MediaPost Publications – MySpace Censors Content To Lure Marketers – 03/31/2006.

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