Goodbye, SEO Push. Hello, SEO Pull

I couldn’t agree with Mike Grehan more. I’ve been saying for a while that SEO is no longer just about the code on your site. It’s now about marketing your site through inventive ways – creating buzz, all the while making sure that your on-the-page code is able to read by spiders. SEO is a long term strategy because it needs to be coupled with your other marketing efforts. Mike is ‘spot on” here, and I applaud him for his candor.

Link: Goodbye, SEO Push. Hello, SEO Pull.

It just defies reason to imagine Google doesn’t want to provide fresh,
relevant material to its end users. Do end users not want choice? Do
they not want a variety of old, trusted favorites combined with new
products, services, and information? Has Google really discovered its
end users only prefer nine-month-old sites?

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