Want to become an SEO Rockstar?


Today’s an interesting day. My childcare provider (read: my mother) came down with a nasty bug that put her out of commission – my wife had to be at her school (she’s a teacher) for the first day back from holiday break, and so I’m working from home with a 5 month-old cooing in the background.

But I’m still trying to keep up my New Year’s resolution, which is to build and populate this blog. I’m still working on the tone, and I know I’d be more popular if I’d take on something like Threadwatch, SEO Roundtable or Marketing Pilgrim, but I’ve got to be me. I used to write a somewhat popular weekly column for a small town newspaper, so I’m just going to treat this like that, only with more posts (hopefully). Sot this blog will most likely be a little more formal than some, and that may make it so the posts are not as frequent as anyone would like. Definitely not as frequently as my friend Gio over at The Agency Blog – but perhaps once I get my new phone, I can post a little more frequently.

But I digress. My real reason for posting was to comment on a story I saw on Search Engine Journal 

Well, I’m far from an SEO Rock Star, but I do work with one (Search This!) and I have spoken at SES several times. I’ll be the first one to agree that the SEO community is nepotistic, and it doesn’t take skill to become one of the elite. There have been many times when I’ve come across the work of a so-called elite SEO person after their client has become exasperated and I’ve found some pretty amazing (bad) things being done.

Being an SEO Rock star is just putting on a good show. Can you talk out of your ass? Can you make everyone in the room believe that you  know what you are talking about? Then you can be an SEO Rock Star.

Do I aspire to be an SEO Rock Star? I guess so. I do love attention and I love to speak. I love it when people tell me my speech was great and it inspired them to do something with their site. I really like the business that comes from these gigs – but I want to be more of a rock star like Paul McCartney rather than Poison - I don’t want to blow up big for a minute and then be gone. That’s what I felt like we were doing at my former employer.

Being an SEO Rockstar takes alot of time and travel as well. And I like spending time with my wife and son. So for right now, I guess I’ll settle for being a great local act with the aspirations to make it to big arenas. My wife doensn’t like groupies though, so don’t worry about that.

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